Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fundamentally Unashamed

I recently had a conversation with a friend on Facebook about whether or not apologetics is at odds with fundamentalism. This conversation started because of a link I shared about apologetics, and he knows I identify as a "fundamentalist" which he feels doesn't leave room for the use of apologetics (a reasoned defense of biblical truth using extra-biblical evidences).
I will address the supposed contradiction in another post, but I thought it best that I make clear what I am describing as "fundamentalism". I unashamedly embrace the label of "Christian fundamentalist".
Fundamentalism is defined in the general sense of adhering to a basic set of core beliefs. That could be described as a strong commitment to those beliefs which are "fundamental" to a particular belief system.
"Christian" fundamentalism then would be adhering to the basic beliefs which are "fundamental" to the teachings of Christianity.
I adhere to the fundamental teachings (basic core principles) of orthodox Christianity, therefore I am a "Christian Fundamentalist." Here is a quick summary of those beliefs: The Bible is the inerrant, infallible Word of God, mankind possesses a sinful nature and is in a state of rebellion against God, we cannot 'make-up for it' with good works, and only faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ paid for through His death and resurrection can reconcile us to God, and those who continue in their rebellion against the just, holy and righteous God who gave them life will receive the deserved consequence for their sin (rebellion).
I would like to note that the cultural baggage of closed-minded bigotry and extreme judgmentalism that the word "fundamentalist" usually implies is not "fundamental" to neither the teachings of Christ nor the doctrines of orthodox Christianity. If people claiming to be or labelled to be "fundamentally christian" behaved themselves in such manners, they were in error and opposed to the clear teachings of Christ and the Bible. So, I am taking the word back and unashamedly claim to be a "Fundamentalist Christian."

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